Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Magic of Snow

It's no secret that the mid-Atlantic has gotten their fair share of snow this year. This past storm dropped just over 32" of snow on us. That's more than I can ever remember seeing in one storm in my life! Being from the northeast, I've always loved snow. That eager anticipation we all feel as a child hearing about the next big storm never left me. I still get excited every time I hear snow is in the forecast. It's like it has some magical quality that perks me up and just makes me feel happy.

As I look back on this winter so far, the snow days are my most memorable days. It's allowed us all to stop and just enjoy each other's company. I've rediscovered how the simplest things can be the most satisfying, a lesson my grandparents I know tried to impart on me a long time ago. A snowstorm magically gives us that precious gift of time to just talk to each other, play board games, and make incredible meals – activities that have almost become a luxury in today's society. We get so caught up in the future and what we need to be doing, we rarely take the time to just enjoy the present. A good snow day forces you to abandon your plans and give in to enjoying the present. It actually does more than just give you the gift time, it nourishes your soul. When all is said and done, it's the memories of how we spent our time that will remain with us. We need to remember that and make sure we spend time creating lasting memories of joy. I will forever hold onto the memory of the snowball fight we had walking our dog in the wake of this most recent snowstorm. The laughter and fun we had is priceless.

As I look out on to the year ahead, I've made a personal commitment to create "snow days" year round. To make sure I take the time to enjoy the present and just being together as a family; really nourish that bond that is like no other. I've often felt like I needed a vacation to get away and create those special moments but the snowstorms this year have truly taught me that like anything else in our lives, creating those special moments can happen anytime and anywhere. It has to start with us making the decision to make those times a priority. Doing so in a society today that almost seems to embrace stress and rushing around is not easy but I've realized this winter the benefits of doing so far outweigh the pressures of not doing so.

There's snow in our forecast again for Tuesday and even with 32" already on the ground, I'm eagerly awaiting it. I know that I will forever embrace the magic of snow!

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