Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where Competition Doesn’t Exist

When you are connected and in the flow of your purpose, competition does not exist. Competition stems from a mindset of lack. You are buying into a belief system that there is limited supply or resources and you need to compete to win your share or position. In God's eyes, there is nothing further from the truth. God has a unique purpose or calling for each one of us and he will provide all the resources we need to achieve that purpose and more times than not, provide whatever we need in abundance. If you feel the urge to compete for something, question where that is coming from. Competition moves us away from living a life on purpose and trusting God for the desired outcome. We become centered on ourselves and our relationships to others rather than looking inward and focusing our attention on our relationship with God and his desires for us. When you are truly living your life from a place of purpose and connection with God, you will find peace in trusting that all you need will be provided for at exactly that right moment.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Lessons of Spring

Spring has always been my favorite season but this year I look at it with a renewed sense of awe and purpose. I always enjoyed the beauty in the flowers and trees that Mother Nature unfolds for us each year but never really stopped to think about the process. It always just seems to happen without any fanfare or special preparation. But gazing out the window recently it really hit me what a miracle this process is and how it holds so many lessons for us to follow. It's like God has provided us a glorious example of how we are supposed to live right before our eyes. Each year, the nature that surrounds us moves from dull and lifeless and blooms into an incredible array of colors and textures. Think of all the energy it takes to make that happen, an energy that already exists within each plant. This energy is completely channeled to fulfilling its ultimate purpose. This energy trusts that the resources it needs to grow and survive will be provided at the appropriate time. It doesn't fear there may not be enough rain or the winds may be too strong. It fully and completely trusts in the process and each year, that process yields an abundance of beauty. Life in its purest form exists as we watch a flower grow or a tree blossom. We are no different. God has provided each and every one of us with a unique ability and purpose. It is our lack of trust and faith in the process that interferes in this divine process. We have been given the gift to think and analyze but this ability can also be our downfall. Rather than trusting the process, we question it. Rather than looking inward, we seek the advice of others. Imagine if a rose questioned its existence as a rose and wondered if would be better suited as a tulip? That divine energy that is channeled into making it a precious beautiful rose would be diluted and it would be something less than what it otherwise could have been. When we overanalyze and question, the result is the same. We sense our direction or purpose but allow externals to dictate our direction and we end up less than what we otherwise can be. Our instincts connect us to our ultimate purpose, we just need to be willing to trust in the process and follow that divine guidance. That same energy that exists in nature also exists in us. It is the energy of life that moves everything forward towards its ultimate purpose. We need to connect with that energy or spirit and allow it to guide us in our lives. God has provided us with a wonderful example of what is possible when we do. We too can truly blossom by trusting and moving forward in faith.