Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where Competition Doesn’t Exist

When you are connected and in the flow of your purpose, competition does not exist. Competition stems from a mindset of lack. You are buying into a belief system that there is limited supply or resources and you need to compete to win your share or position. In God's eyes, there is nothing further from the truth. God has a unique purpose or calling for each one of us and he will provide all the resources we need to achieve that purpose and more times than not, provide whatever we need in abundance. If you feel the urge to compete for something, question where that is coming from. Competition moves us away from living a life on purpose and trusting God for the desired outcome. We become centered on ourselves and our relationships to others rather than looking inward and focusing our attention on our relationship with God and his desires for us. When you are truly living your life from a place of purpose and connection with God, you will find peace in trusting that all you need will be provided for at exactly that right moment.

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