Friday, November 13, 2009

A Burning Desire

"If you feel something in your heart, if you have a vision for it, then it's no longer a risk." —Isaac Mizrahi

I found this quote earlier this week and it really resonated with me! To me, it speaks of being in the true presence of pure passion. When you have a burning desire for something, it takes over and literally propels you forward to take risks you may not otherwise take to turn your vision into reality. While fear exists, your desire is stronger and you’re able to move through the fear. But the key is to have a burning desire or as Isaac Mizrahi says, “to feel something in your heart”. It is given that life will present many obstacles and it is how we respond when confronted with those obstacles that sets our path. A burning desire sees you through those and puts you on the path to success. You no longer view obstacles as taking risks but rather part of the journey to achieving your vision. Rather than obstacles stopping you in your tracks, you move through it focused on the prize. You’ll be tasked with doing things that are well outside your comfort zone but moving outside your comfort zone is what allows you to do greater things. You’ll find your vision becomes that beacon of light to guide you and your burning desire is the fuel that allows you to move towards that beacon of light.

Embrace your vision and allow it to create a burning desire within your heart. The rewards are tremendous and the journey will be well worth it!

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