Saturday, June 12, 2010

The silence between the notes

"It's the silence between the notes that makes the music" – Zen proverb

I'm reading The Design For Your Success NOW book recommendation for this month, "The Shift" by Wayne Dyer, right along with you all. Dyer references this ancient Zen proverb at the very beginning of the book and it really captured my attention. I had to first think about what that proverb really means and then recognized as almost a big "aha" moment the beauty and truth that is contained in such few words. Dyer comments that without the silence to interrupt the sounds, we would have no music. I never thought of music in this light and how that translates to everything we do in life. We need those silent moments to create the music in our lives as well. That music is the purest reflection of our passion. Without those silent moments, our passion cannot be fully expressed. As Dyer writes, "Without the silence to interrupt the sounds – it would be only one long, continuous tone." How many times in our life do we feel like our passion is getting buried and before we know it, our days evolve into one continuous tone of monotony and frustration? We are more or less just going through the motions. Are we talking the time to create that silence and letting that speak to us so we can then create the music? So many times, God will speak to us in those silent moments but we have to be willing to create that silence in our lives and then be open to His guidance and direction. I truly believe that our biggest inspirations and answers come to us not when we're looking for them but when we surrender to being open and letting them flow into our lives. With that openness, we see things in a different light and rather than pushing for something to happen or come to us, we allow it to. There is a big distinction in that that is very powerful and fulfilling. There is as much potential for greatness in the silence as there is in the notes. Embrace that silence and allow it to connect the notes that ultimately will create the fullest expression of your passion which will be music to those around you.


  1. Great reminder Karen. For me it's not just about creating the silence, but also appreciating the silence when it just seems to happen to me. With the downturn of the economy it's been slower then usual. I try to remember to appreciate this time as a period of incubation and not get stressed trying to "make things happen". Difficult at times, but so rewarding when I am there. It's been such a time of creative growth outside of my work, and will feed my work for years to come!

  2. Karen, fabulous post! I really enjoyed it (as you can imagine). Thanks for sharing......keep up the great work!


  3. Thanks so much for your comment, Irene! You are so right about appreciating this quieter time in our business to explore and create.

  4. This goes hand in hand with my belief that my higher power is not high up in some unforseen, untouchable space but in the spaces between you and me.