Thursday, November 11, 2010

Learning to Let Go

You cannot trust without letting go. It sounds so logical but I never realized the strong bond that exists between trust and letting go. You cannot have one without the other. We can say we trust but if we are still harboring feelings of worry, fear, uncertainty or anxiety, we are not fully trusting. Trust requires us to move forward in a deeply rooted faith and completely let go of those feelings, emotions or actions that are holding us back. We have to let go of the circumstances as we understand them and fully trust in the process of a higher power to see us through and bring us to where we are truly meant to be.

Trust comes from your heart and is centered in spirit. Those things that stand in the way of our ability to trust are just created in our mind and therefore not real. They are just mechanisms our ego develops to keep us safe, comfortable and what we perceive to be secure. To trust means to give a smaller voice to ego and a larger voice to spirit. It means releasing the grip ego has on us and not allowing it to inhibit us from moving forward. Letting go and trusting allows God's spirit to flow in our lives with unmeasured energy and confidence. To trust means to live from your heart and not from your mind. When you live from your heart you are truly connecting with spirit and a spirit led life will lead you to fulfilling your life's purpose. Learning to trust also means learning to let go.



  1. Just what I needed today...beautifully said. By chance I landed on your blog and heard the perfect words. Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Mari! It's amazing how things connect when we need it the most and so glad I could be part of that process for you.