Friday, October 29, 2010

Our Truth Is Revealed In Our “Buts”

The excuse always seems to follow the "but". But is truly a powerful word because it points directly to what is holding us back. Think of how many times you think about doing something and then finish the thought with "but…". It literally shifts your mind from action to inaction. The thought before the "but" is your heartfelt desire but what follows the "but" typically shuts down that desire. But can almost be viewed as the transition from spirit-centered mindset to and ego-centered mindset. You begin in spirit but ego steps in to make sure you play it safe and stay in that place that is comfortable and predictable.

If you want to get clear on what's holding you back, start paying attention to the words you say after your "buts". For example if we say we want to do something and then finish the thought with "but it's too expensive" it very clearly calls out a lack mentality and that belief is probably showing up in many other decisions as well; decisions that could have a profound impact on your life and business. How you do anything is how you do everything so don't fool yourself by thinking the words you say after your buts are a one-time occurrence. Think about the "buts" in your life and become aware of how they are influencing your decisions. You might be surprised by what they reveal. Once you have an awareness around what's holding you back, you are that much stronger to confront the "buts" in your life head on and move through them. Our truth is most definitely revealed in our "buts"!

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