Wednesday, December 22, 2010

God Will Lead Us

I read something this morning that really spoke to me, "God will not drive us to do something, He will lead us." How many times do we try to drive something to happen only to be left mentally tired and disappointed in the end result? It's not above driving things to happen but rather connecting with God so we can be in the flow and allow Him to lead us to the desired and destined result.

The more I read, the more I'm coming to understand that this life is not about us taking control and making things happen. It's about connecting with our inner spirit and letting that lead us to a place of peace and prosperity. God wants nothing more than abundance for us. Think back to the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were given pure abundance until they decided to move away from spirit and create their own desired results. It was only then that they became aware of their human nature. Prior to that, they were living in total peace and prosperity with God leading them.

It is not easy, especially in this day and age to step away from being driven. Society tells us we have to drive our results, take control and make things happen. That is all true to a certain extent in the sense that we need to be responsible for ourselves but more importantly we have to have God at the center. With God at the center, we are not doing those things alone. To drive is to exert a force and that is not God's way. God never forces anything upon us but rather He leads us to it if we keep our eyes and our heart open to His presence. The path is already there before us. It's kind of like that moving sidewalk at the airport. So often you'll see someone running through the crowds, bypassing the moving sidewalk, trying to get to their gate as fast as they can. The looked stressed as they push people aside trying to force their way to their destination. What I've noticed is that often times I end up arriving at the gate at about the same as they do however I took the moving sidewalk and just stayed the course. I literally went with the flow allowing that to carry me to my destination versus trying to force the outcome and I arrive at the destination without all the stress and exertion of extra energy to get there.

It's time to stop driving the results to happen and time to focus our energy and mindset on revealing that path God has set before us and allowing Him to lead the way.

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