Thursday, December 9, 2010

The True Path to Success

"Success is to work harder on yourself than you do on your job". I recently read this quote in the novel, The Twelve Pillars by Jim Rohn and Chris Widener. There is so much wisdom shared in all but 100+ pages and this sentence was the first of many in this book that led to some big "aha's" for me.

As I read this sentence for the first time, I really had to stop and think about it. How much have I been focusing solely on developing my business? Have I set aside any quality time to really develop myself? So many times we do indeed work harder on jobs than we do on ourselves and this one sentence brought that powerful realization to me. I have been spending the majority of my time lately focused on developing my business and devoting a lot less time to developing myself. I'm reading books and writing daily in my journal but that's not enough. The biggest growth for me has always come when I spend much more time developing myself and connecting with my purpose. And interestingly enough, as I look back, those times have directly translated into growth and upleveling in my business. This journey is not about learning how to run a business; it's about discovering your passion and purpose, learning to connect with that each and every day and building our lives around that through what we do.

Nature seems to always provide a perfect example of how God intended for us to live. In some ways nature is blessed without having the gift of choice. The plants, the animals, the ocean – they all exist solely for their specific purpose and spend their days and nights doing nothing but developing themselves towards the realization of that divine purpose. An acorn knows it will grow into an oak tree and doesn't question its purpose or ability. It just exists. We on the other hand, have been given a choice. We can either live and fully develop in our purpose or we can choose not to. The choice is clearly ours to make. Look at the harmony and beauty that is created by nature existing to reach its full potential and purpose. That same harmony and beauty is there for us if we spend quality time developing ourselves in knowing and connecting with our true purpose. True success doesn't lie in being busy and getting things done. That success is fleeting. True success comes when we take the time to discover and develop into our divine purpose, becoming the person God intended for us to be from the very beginning. Just as in nature, the path to our purpose will be revealed and will naturally flow once we take the time to nurture it and develop ourselves.

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