Thursday, February 24, 2011

Faith Is In the Action

I'm rereading "Working with the Law" by Raymond Holliwell and I'm convinced I'll read it many more times! It's one of those books that each time you read it, you uncover even more insights and wonder how they escaped your awareness before. I've heard people say your mind will receive that which it is ready to receive and I really do believe that.

Holliwell talks about faith but beyond just having faith, what it means to live in faith. He very simply states, "We have to believe in order to receive." In this second read through, that simple statement spoke so clearly and directly to me. Beyond just having faith, we have to act on that faith. Otherwise, our faith is meaningless. If we hold back in fear or uncertainty, then we do not believe in God's ability to provide that which we ask for. There is no middle ground. Faith is taking action despite our fears or challenges because we so completely believe and trust in the outcome. How many times do we sit on the sidelines and hope and wait for a sign before taking action? We sense the direction or the answer but want that final reassurance before boldly stepping into it. Holliwell points to the story of Peter following Jesus in walking on water. Peter was the only one to put his faith into action. The others sat in the boat wanting to believe but afraid to step into that. They let their fear compromise their faith. Did they really believe?

Demonstrate the true meaning of faith by your willingness to take action despite the circumstances. Don't wait for the sign, trust your instincts, that inner spirit that is there to guide us and be willing to step out of your comfort zone. God will see you through it and bring you the desired outcome in His timing and in His way as long as you put your trust in Him.

Whatever you ask for in prayer, BELIEVING, you shall receive. - Matthew 21:22


  1. Great Blog, I love it, I can talk about the truth you outlined here for many days ahead.

    Well Done Karen, you are inspiring and indeed you have the Kingdom Spirit to speak the Truth


  2. Thanks so much for your kind words, Matt - appreciate your comment!