Friday, March 11, 2011

The Path of Least Resistance

How do you respond to the obstacles in your life? Do you resist them or work around them? Our first instinct is to often push through them to force our desired outcome but the path of greatest resistance typically doesn't produce the desired result.

When we confront something head on, it creates resistance that in turn creates negative energy. That negative energy distracts us from our goal, shifting our focus away from our greater purpose. We become so preoccupied with being in a state of resistance that we lose sight of the real goal at hand. Resistance depletes our energy leaving us less to give to those the tasks that will truly make a difference in reaching our goals. Obstacles can ultimately strengthen and empower us when we learn to work around them versus through them.

Water is a perfect example of something that is so purely powerful yet embodies true nonresistance. As the creek travels to the stream, then the river and ultimately the ocean, it grows stronger with each obstacle it encounters, always choosing the path of least resistance. It quietly works its way around each obstacle and moves on. Eventually, its strength and power is no match for those obstacles further down its path. The obstacles encountered literally melt away and become part of the process.

If you were to map out a direct path from the creek to the ocean, it would look very different I'm sure from the one that nature has created. Obstacles are to be expected. Learning to work around them serves a greater purpose and is just simply part of the process. It's nature's way.


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