Friday, September 30, 2011

It Takes Discipline of the Mind

I'm reading "Working with the Law" by Raymond Holliwell for the third time now. I absolutely love this book-every time I pick it up, I find new insights!

My latest "aha moment" is around discipline. Holliwell writes of this one woman, "She lacked discipline in her mind except where others demanded it." The moment I read that sentence it really clarified something I've been allowing in my life. I am disciplined in meeting everyone else's needs but when it comes to being accountable to my own tasks and needs, I fall short. My tendency is to give attention to whoever or whatever enters my mind at the moment versus taking planned disciplined steps towards completing something. No wonder I have so many personal projects half way done. Had these projects been for a client, they would have been done!

That little distinction between allowing myself to be disciplined to respond to others needs and not when it comes to my own is tremendous. It's exactly the nudge I needed to bring clarity around why I always feel busy but not getting anything done. I need to give as much attention and relevance to my own tasks and projects as I do for others. I can then take planned action and start getting these things done. I need to make room for my life and start treating myself like a client. Sure enough, once again the answer lies in changing your mindset!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I sometimes think I am the world's worst for meeting everyone else's the expense of my own. Many times I feel like I'm in a whirlwind because of this. It's no wonder my stuff is not completed. I think that word "disciplined" is the key!!! After all, there is a time and a season for everything.