Monday, December 12, 2011

Embracing Each Moment

We are told the greatest gifts of life come when we can learn to live in the moment but doing so, especially in today's world, seems almost impossible. We have so many things pulling for our time and attention that it is so hard to shut it off and only focus on what's right in front of us, right now.

I was reading something earlier last week when I suddenly felt an acknowledgement from within that true happiness comes when we learn to live in the moment and embrace everything about that moment. It's funny, I wasn't even reading anything about "living in the moment"; it was as if someone randomly whispered it in my ear. I suddenly understood why we should not worry about the past or future, they honesty mean nothing. The only thing we really truly have is the moment we are presently in and there is always goodness in some form within that moment. If nothing else, that moment is bringing us another breath to experience life.

We are closest to God when we live in the moment. God does not bring fear, doubt or anxiety – those are emotions we bring on to ourselves when we live outside of the moment. They are byproducts of our thinking about the past or the future and distract us from fully experiencing all the goodness of that moment. We can absolutely experience the fullness of God when we learn to live in and embrace the moments of our day and in turn, acknowledge His divine presence in our lives.

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