Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ever Have One of Those Days?

How many times have we started the day feeling like our act is somewhat together but only to watch it quickly unravel.  The best laid plans are often times cast to the wind testing our ability to roll with whatever life throws our direction.  I just had one of those mornings today and it really made me step back and think how can I turn unexpected events or outcomes into something positive and not let feelings of frustration overshadow the rest of the day. 

My day actually started yesterday.  How you might ask?  Well my youngest was sent home from school sick yesterday.  By evening, it was apparent this was probably more than just a 24 hour bug so I decided to be proactive and reschedule my calendar to avoid having “one of those days” hit me in the morning.  It was a juggling act but appointments were rescheduled and the calendar was cleared to be home.  Well, much to my surprise my daughter woke up ready to go to school as I stood there in disbelief and frustration knowing that I now had cleared my calendar for nothing.  In an attempt to avoid having “one of those days” I still managed to fall square into it and was indeed having “one of those days”.  I started thinking about what I could pull back into the day that I had previously rescheduled and then a little voice inside reminded me to slow down, take the day for yourself and turn this moment into a positive experience.  I’ve recently learned to really start trusting that little voice and sure enough, it was right.  I scheduled coffee with a friend who we’ve forever been saying “let’s get together soon”, watched 30 minutes of All My Children, something I hadn’t done in 20 years and was surprised how many of the same characters were still around : ), read for pleasure without feeling like my eyelids were ready to shut, and just allowed myself to really take the day off. 

What began as a frustration because the outcome didn’t fit my plans (even my best laid plans), turned out to be that gift of personal time we all secretly wish for.  It allowed me to reenergize and start tomorrow feeling fresh rather than continue to move through the week tired and frazzled.  Remember to embrace those unexpected moments and pause long enough to see the silver lining.   It may truly hold exactly what you need at that moment in your life and allow you to carry on with renewed energy and enthusiasm!

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