Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Power of Three Little Words

As designers we are always pressed for time and our days are typically filled to the brim with “to do’s”. If we’re not designing, we’re on appointments, doing research or the dreaded paperwork thing! I got so frustrated one day with my chronic lateness and really took a step back to see where I could adjust and make the day flow more smoothly and ultimately be less stressful. I discovered one habit I have that I’m sure many of you have. I tend to fill every minute with something, even when there really isn’t time. There are three little words that have led to my demise but also by eliminating them, have lead to renewed freedom!

“Let me just…” I started realizing every time I uttered these words to myself or out loud, it really translated to “I really don’t have time for this but I’ll squeeze it in anyway”. Every time I gave into a “Let me just…” the outcome was being late, getting behind schedule, getting stressed, etc., rather than being more productive which was what I was intending to be. “Let me just check the email”, or “Let me just check finish this up” are really not one-minute tasks and deep down I knew this. I’ve come to learn to stop myself from continuing any thoughts or actions that begin with the statement “let me just” and contrary to my original thinking, I am now less stressed, more productive and ultimately happier in what I’m doing.

Don’t fall into the trap of “let me just”. Those truly are three powerful little words that can throw you off track and make you less productive. Learn to stop yourself and enjoy those few moments during the day to just breathe rather than trying to fill every second. You’ll be amazed how you feel!

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