Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It’s All About Passion

Awhile back I saw Bruce Springsteen for the first time in concert. I was blown away by his energy and enthusiasm - he clearly is doing what he loves to do! In a day when concerts have less to do with the music and more to do with the “show”, I was impressed how Bruce just stuck to what he does best without all the showmanship. He and his band just simply took to the stage and played for the next three hours. No showy costumes, no fireworks, no big screens or cages coming down on stage, just simply Bruce and the E Street Band doing what they do best, having a good time just rocking out the arena. There is nothing more contagious or exciting than watching someone fully live in the moment of their passion. His music gave me the chills because it was coming from a place of pure passion. It caused me to pause and realize just how important following your passion is to achieving your best in life. God has equipped all of us with a very special gift to share and give to others – in that lies our passion. For Bruce, it’s been 30+ years of giving us very heartfelt, passionate songs that have become mainstays for our music culture. He passionately loves what he does, effortlessly sharing his talent with all of us.

Many of us struggle to figure out what that gift or passion may be, thinking it has to be big or transformational but many times, it lies in the everyday things we do. We need to honor our true selves by making sure we take the time to quiet our hearts and let God guide us to our passion and purpose; tune into that little voice that has been guiding us all along but we’re often too busy to listen to or trust. I spent many years looking for that purpose; something to be passionate about but often felt frustrated because nothing really clicked. I enjoyed what I did, but couldn’t say I was passionate about it. Sometimes you need to experience a little more life before God is ready to reveal your true purpose – I believe that was the case with me. But once He was ready to reveal it, I had to be ready to listen and follow in faith. And once you agree to follow, hang on because you will begin the most miraculous journey of your life! I’m not saying following your passion will be easy, but it will provide you the energy to get through the rough times and persevere. How do you know when you’ve found your passion and purpose in life? I equate it to feeling like that stars have finally aligned – everything suddenly comes together and you experience a renewed sense of energy and excitement. Take some time each day to get quiet, focus on discovering and staying connected to your passion and allow God to reveal life’s best for you – what you’ll discover will truly amaze you!

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